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Issue Area(s):

Agriculture, fishing and forestry Agriculture Food security Forestry Fishing and aquaculture International relations Goodwill promotion Foreign policy Democracy and civil society development International economics and trade International development International exchange International peace and security Multilateral cooperation Information and communications News and public information Media access and policy Libraries Information and communications technology Communication media Human services Youth development Special population support Shelter and residential care Personal services Job services Human services management Human services information Family services Basic and emergency aid Public safety Legal services Fire prevention and control Disasters and emergency management Crime prevention Courts Corrections and penology Consumer protection Abuse prevention Safety education Public affairs Public policy Public/private ventures Public utilities Public administration National security Leadership development Democracy Philanthropy Voluntarism Venture philanthropy Philanthropy and public policy Nonprofits Foundations Human rights Social rights Justice rights Individual liberties Antidiscrimination Diversity and intergroup relations Education Educational management Education services Adult education Equal opportunity in education Elementary and secondary education Graduate and professional education Higher education Vocational education Student services Community and economic development Sustainable development Housing development Financial services Economic development Community improvement Business and industry Arts and culture Visual arts Public arts Performing arts Museums Humanities Historical activities Folk arts Cultural awareness Arts services Health Traditional medicine and healing Health care administration and financing Reproductive health care Rehabilitation Public health Out-patient medical care Nursing care Mental health care Medical support services Medical specialties In-patient medical care Holistic medicine Health care quality Health care access Diseases and conditions Healthcare Transformation Advanced Specialty Care Advanced Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration Comprehensiveness and Coordination Patient and Caregiver Engagement Population Health and Care Management Team-based Care Business Operations Data Analytics NCQA Recognition Support Technology Optimization Environment Natural resources Environmental justice Environmental education Domesticated animals Climate change Biodiversity Religion Islam Judaism Shintoism Sikhism Spirituality Theology Tribal and indigenous religions Interfaith Hinduism Confucianism Christianity Baha'i Buddhism Science Physical and earth sciences Biology Engineering Forensic science Mathematics Technology Social sciences Anthropology Economics Geography Interdisciplinary studies Law Paranormal and mystic studies Political science Population studies Psychology and behavioral science Sociology Sports and recreation Sports Community recreation